Discover Your Number

You may have heard the adage, "You can't change what you can't name." Well, there's some truth to that. Taking the time to identify your personal operating system can lead to a whole new way of seeing yourself and the world. Opportunities for transformation abound!
  • Clarify your personality type
  • Process your motivations
  • Understand your Triad and Stance
  • Interact with how Stress and Security impact your personality
  • Identify the personalities present in your marriage or professional team

Develop Your Unique Design

Knowing your number is not enough to experience change. That part takes time like any journey. However, the fruit of this investment is exponential.
  • Assimilate your Story with your Enneagram Type
  • Integrate your personality into your Faith
  • Identify your personality strengths and weaknesses
  • Define your growth areas and goals
  • Deepen your effectiveness in your relationships
  • Maximize your team dynamics
  • Elevate your marital connection

Improve Your Team

Do you wish your co-workers or leadership team knew the Enneagram?  Especially for smaller businesses, thinking about your company culture and employee development can be so key for success. Understanding how personality impacts relational dynamics, productivity, and work satisfaction can be the team renewal you've been looking for!
  • Engage in team-discovery
  • Build healthier dyamics through a consultation tailored to your staff
  • Deepen your connectivity in your team relationships
  • Develop your growth areas within your work environment
  • Maximize your team dynamics through specific training objectives

“Leslie facilitated an Enneagram team-building workshop for my leadership team and I’m happy to say that the time was very well spent. Through the process, we came to better understand and appreciate the contribution and dedication of each individual and collectively experience a deeper level of trust. Everyone came away with several fresh insights and a greater level of self-awareness. Highly recommended.” 

– Tim H.