Discover Your Number

  • Clarify your personality type
  • Process your motivations
  • Understand your Triad and Stance
  • Interact with how Stress and Security impact your personality
  • Identify the personalities present in your marriage or professional team

Develop Your Unique Design

  • Assimilate your Story with your Enneagram Type
  • Integrate your personality into your Faith
  • Identify your personality strengths and weaknesses
  • Define your growth areas and goals
  • Deepen your effectiveness in your relationships
  • Maximize your team dynamics
  • Elevate your marital connection

Improve Your Team

  • Engage in team-discovery
  • Build productivity through a consultation tailored to your staff
  • Deepen your connectivity in your team relationships
  • Develop your growth areas within your work environment
  • Maximize your team dynamics through specific training objectives

As newbies to the Enneagram, meeting with Leslie for couples’ consultation was truly invaluable. She helped us get a better understanding of ourselves and each other; creating more appreciation for how each other sees the world. We can now articulate our needs more effectively. I would highly recommend her services!

– Tom & Victoria

Chicago, IL