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Why Enneagram?

Do you find yourself in habits or patterns that you don’t like and you’re not sure how or why they got there? When someone asks you what your gifts are or your greatest needs, do you have a clear answer?

Our sense of ourselves gets tossed around in this journey; whether by aging, relationships failing, job or life stage changes, hurts, busyness, or even identity crises. Our external and internal worlds long for connection and congruence and that can take work to integrate.

When I came across the Enneagram over a decade ago, I felt seen and understood in a way that no other personality typology had captured before. My passion is to guide individuals, couples, and teams into the kind of self-awareness that brings deeper connection, productivity, freedom, and joy!

What is Enneagram Consultation?

The Enneagram is a personality typology offering 9 ways of understanding how people tick. Once you know your personality type, it can be challenging to know what to do next.

Consultation provides an opportunity to integrate Enneagram wisdom into every day life to recover, discover, and renew who we were made to be.

With a Master’s Degree and background in counseling, Leslie Bley helps her consulting clients to explore their personality, tailor a growth plan, and experience transformation. In 2018, I sat under Suzanne Stabile, author of The Path Between Us and co-author of The Road Back To You in a year-long Enneagram Cohort training

Leslie has helped professional groups, couples, and individuals apply the wisdom found in the Enneagram. Knowing who you are can help focus your strengths, develop your growth areas, and create a path to more success.


“What I liked about working with Leslie and the enneagram is that I immediately felt known and understood. She helped me put into words thoughts and patterns I have experienced my whole life but did not know how to articulate. Leslie helped me take tangible steps into using my strengths and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms for my growth areas. I could not recommend her services more! – Liza K.

“As newbies to the Enneagram, meeting with Leslie for couples’ consultation was truly invaluable. She helped us get a better understanding of ourselves and each other; creating more appreciation for how each other sees the world. We can now articulate our needs more effectively. I would highly recommend her services!” – Tom & Victoria